With Cenique, you'll have access to easy-to-use tools that will give you the control you need to remotely manage your devices, analytics to drive insights, and real time content optimization ensuring the right message is delivered at just the right time – whether that's in support of a purchase, visit or other engagement.

Digital Signage

Content is everything; manage and control it with ease. From advanced content tagging and scheduling and full playlist control to multi-zone layout options and local caching, our media tools meet your every need. Our Basic Digital signage is a perfect solution for HTML5 playback - add our JS API and make your HTML5 context aware!


Audience Analytics

Advance from simple to responsive content creation. Develop content customized to your audience to better attract and engage. Content changes based on gender, age, distance, dwell, and even mood. Targeting options are practically limitless with no coding required.

Key Metrics Gathered:

  • Traffic - # of shoppers who pass by the display (includes those that do and do not look)
  • Opportunities - # of shoppers who briefly glance (time threshold is programmable)
  • Impressions - # of shoppers who engage with the display
  • The gender and age group of engaged shoppers
  • Dwell Time of engaged shoppers
  • Time, date, and day of week reporting
  • Location performance comparison, by count, gender and age group
  • Average Proximity and position of face of the engaged shoppers
  • Mood (Smile detected)
  • Attention (Eyes diverted or fully engaged)
  • No double counting of visitors and still anonymous!

These metrics can be used to trigger content in real-time and is uploaded to your cloud-based dashboard for analysis and reporting.


Device Manager

Stay connected to your screens from anywhere. No more traveling from device to device to check the status of your screens. Our device management dashboard will report if software updates are available, which screens are on/off, what content is playing and much more in real time, from anywhere.

  • Monitor the health of all your devices with ease
  • Use to manage and monitor many devices running different operating systems
  • Control devices remotely from any location to install apps, update software, etc.