Digital interactions impact
50 cents of every dollar of
in-store sales.

(Deloitte, 2015)

64% of consumers expect
companies to respond and
interact with them in

(Salesforce, 2016)

Move beyond digital displays to a turnkey solution with
real-time engagement and analytics.

Our Platform Features

With the Cenique solution you have everything you need to attract, engage and react in real time.

Content Control

Content is everything;
manage and control it
with ease.

From advanced content
tagging and scheduling and
full playlist control to
multi-zone layout options and
local caching, our media tools
meet your every need.


Advance from simple to
responsive content

Develop content customized
to your audience to better
attract and engage. Content
changes based on gender,
age, distance, dwell, and even
mood. Targeting options are
practically limitless with no
coding required.


Stay connected to your
screens from anywhere.

No more traveling from device
to device to check the status
of your screens. Our device
management dashboard will
report if software updates are
available, which screens are
on/off, what content is playing
and much more in real time,
from anywhere.


Know more. Do more.
Engage more.

From simple reports to
detailed analytics, discover the
demographics of your viewers,
which ones were engaged,
what content was displayed
and more. All information is
recorded and downloadable
to combine with other data

Awards and Recognition